W-11 TRAM project

"a source of excitement and joy ...impossible to forget"
- Dawn (Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper) Dawn internet edition 9 April 2006

"the hit of Festival Melbourne 2006"
- The International News (Jang Group of newspapers) 27 March 2006

"a cacophany of colour, flashing lights and pulsating Pakistani music..."
Harbant Gill, HERALD SUN March 6, 2006

"the W11 tram... puts the ‘festivities’ in the Festival Melbourne 2006"
- The Post (Pakistan national newspaper), The Post 27 March 2006

"moving (in more ways than one) testimony to the Pakistani spirit"
- The Post (Pakistan national newspaper), The Post 20 March 2006

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Posted by tramtactic at November 27, 2006 04:35 PM