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the music

There is no back seat! The music gets to you on the w-11. You can’t step back.

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What an experience! We swayed, we laughed, we clapped, we waved, we were transported in every sense by the colour, the movement, the music - the dancing conductors - the inspiration that is the Karachi2Melbourne tram.
We Love It, We Want It, We Must Have It - For Keeps! Thank You - for the best tram journey we have every had.
For the first time in Melbourne passengers have alighted a tram with a smile on their face and music in their heart.

Cynthia Jupp
Friday March 24

you guys are good! you should come and dance at our parties!

Wednesday March 22

It was such a great expereience to be onboard with 70 year old women clapping along with vigour as passengers dance with conductors. I won't forget the roar from the tram when the song and dance came to its end at a tram stop. What a ride. Why can't more travel be this much fun?

Friday March 17