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Warren was making a point of waving out the window of the W-11 tram to the people on the streets, and the reactions of people was revealing. Some were smiling gleefully, others pretend to ignore any distraction. Some subcontinent boys were waving and jumping and still holding up their picture-taking mobile phones pointed at the tram as they downed escalators off the street. My kids call that game ‘sweet or sour’: you wave at people in public and their response indicates if they are ‘sweet’ or ‘sour’. Julie was taking it further by talking about a kind of salute developing: the one where a person’s response is to hold up their hand with a camera to head height.

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The way people watched in amazement as the Tram went by was awesome! Thanks for the great experience!

Tuesday March 28

We went to Melbourne from our country home during the Games with a list of 'must see &/or do' things - one of which was the Karachi Tram....well, what a treat! was standing room only & we were packed so tight that nobody could move and we almost missed our stop. We loved the artwork and the music was fantastic, the atmosphere on board was friendly, chatty & exciting. Please don't go, let Victoria have the W11 Karachi tram on the tracks forever - we for one want to have another ride or two when it's not so packed so we can see the rest of it.

Tuesday March 28

In 1991 I went to Europe to look at public art. On the way I had a stopover in Karachi and was totally dazzled by the truck decorations. After 2 months of traipsing round the continent I concluded that the best public art was in Karachi.
Having experienced the W11 in Melbourne I think this is the best public art project I have seen and more the better that I got a ride around town as well. A thousand camera salutes to the team. Can't we have it for a bit longer?

Monday March 27

I have just stepped off the Karachi Tram only minutes ago. After hearing about it at Monday's 351 lecture, I was happy to see the tram pull-up at my stop. Geez it's ace - the detail is amazing. I was
chatting with one of the guys on the tram who handed me a couple of the cards. Overall, a great ride and good to see passengers interacting with the tram and each other.

Thursday March 16