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DEKH MAGER PIYAR SE (LOOK—but with love)

W-11 is the most popular city circulated bus in Karachi (Pak), bcz of its decoration, lights and music. Passengers likes to travel in most decorated bus instead of less decorated. And which one has good music to swing during travelling.

W-11’s route is not too long,……….its only an hour.
W-11’s drivers always in mood and a shouting conductor…..

Rek Rek Ladies ey (stop-stop ladies getting out)
Double AA—Double AA (chalo…chalo)(go-go)
Breakshaww (stop)

W-Gayara always full of passengers on its circle ,with sounds of conductor (Allah wali-ta’-tawer)..tawer-tawer---Allah wali—farana—sindhi hotel 5 number—nala charhaiee—godhra—bengali paaraa—shafik morr—sohrab goth—ancholi—water pump—aisha manzil—karim abad—laloo khet teen hatti—lasbela—guru mandir—numaish—sevenday jamiah—plaza—bolton—tawer---kaemari—Kaemari-----------


- Wajid

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It brought back (not too) old memories again when I use to travel in W-11. I enjoyed more, the immediate expressions which appeared on the faces of whose seeing the W-11 Tram for the first time..... Well done!!!! THE TEAM... I wish it could have continued .....

Syed Muhammed Mubeen
Thursday March 30

I'm from Melbourne and I thought the tram was fantastic. It's great to see how much detail has gone into it. Good luck and keep up the good work. I hope the tram stays as it is.

Peter Tolhurst
Monday March 27

Salaam and namaste
I loved the w gyarah tram so much I travelled on it again today. For me it is THE only tram in town.
The Urdu verses on the cards change with each day. In English they don't make much sense, sans punctuation and concessions to English meter, but they are very desi in their sentiments, arrey wah!
It was nice to have a florid conversation in Urdu with one of the w 11 conductors. It made me feel like I was in Lahore or Delhi.
Jaisey mainey pehley kaha ,pehley dafey par, sub hi sheheri aur mehmaan logon ko mujhe kuchch kehna hai:W Gyarah Zindabad!
Long Live The W 11
I hope It is not the last time such an inspired cross cultural public transport innovation is seen in Melbourne.
Life would be a bit dull without it.
Taariq M. 'the tram fan' Hassan.

Taariq M.Hassan
Thursday March 23

The tram is fantastic

ye bahut soondar hai!

Do you have a list of the songs being played?

moti the wonder dog
Saturday March 18

I love the text on the route by the conductor, brings back fond memories.

Friday March 17