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TRAM OVERBOARD journeys of performance

Some people sit quietly, some stand and some people dance in strange ways through a moving experience. Each week special guest artists unfold a improvised performance journey travelling a 50minute lap of the city by W-11 Tram. Anything can and does happen with a kaleidoscope of dancers, musicians, poets, physical theatrics and urban rap driving a world-in-a-tram.

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Every journey on the W-11 tram is different: the diverse groups of people who intentionally (or by pure chance) board the tram and are wide-eyed with delight or surprise by what they encounter. The people outside the tram: shoppers or commuters stopping, staring and smiling is as the tram glides past.

But one thing is common to each journey. The tram, its artwork and decoration, the music, the conductors, and the 'tram overheard' conversations all provide a vehicle for co-travellers to connect with each other.

Public transport normally silences and closes people down. W-11 allows people to open up and celebrate the moment.

Paul Molyneux
Saturday December 23