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W-11 tram is about... (the short trip version)

an art of journeys
travelling the Melbourne City Circle tram route
4.30 - 9.30pm Fridays during summer 2006/07
free bookings...all welcome

W-11 TRAM is a collaborative art project exploring dialogue, performance and hospitality through providing conditions for the experience of journeys. With its sides bearing the words in Urdu and English: ‘piyar zindagi hai / love is life’, the W-11 TRAM creates a dynamic and mobile public space with a disarmingly warm atmosphere. The project, involving collaboration with Pakistani vehicle decorators, was one of the most celebrated offerings of the cultural festival of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.


Now in its second season, W-11 TRAM is operating one night per week during summer 2006/07 on Melbourne’s City Circle tram route. It is a free experience that offers open hospitality to all and builds multi-cultural community connections by fostering a spirit of trust in encounters with others. The tram undertakes six 50-minute laps of the city starting and finishing at Federation Square. Three different types of artful journeys take place each week to explore dialogue, improvisation and openness.

‘TRAM OVERHEARD’ invites two guests to undertake an open conversational ‘journey of dialogue’ that is overheard by passengers whilst travelling a 50-minute lap of the city. Guests include known voices and people less heard. ‘TRAM OVERBOARD’ invites guest artist to lead an improvised ‘journey of performance’ on a lap of the city. Anything could happen with a kaleidoscope of musicians, dancers, poets, physical theatrics and urban rap driving a world-in-a-tram. ‘TRAM OTHERWISE’ has onboard host artists leading a journey of cultural collisions between Melbourne and Karachi, giving out free 'ticket' artwork and playing music that transports as passengers encounter one another in a sprit of openness.

The W-11 TRAM collaborative art project is conceived and hosted by artist Mick Douglas who has undertaken several inter-cultural art projects with transport themes in Karachi, Melbourne and Kolkata.

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