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fear therapy?

"This is wonderful therapy for fear of muslims", said a woman riding the W-11 tram today.

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I liked all the decoration on the tram. I liked that they had tissues in a special box on the tram. I liked the little loveheart stickers that you could stick on your forehead. I liked dancing to the music. I really loved the decoration that Iqbal and his team did on the the tram.

Sunshine (aged 3) helped by Lena
Saturday April 01

This is beautiful. I think we can use a bit more of pakistani muzic .... but the concept is brilliant ...

Bilal Choudry
Saturday March 25

So what is that music playing? Mostly it is the popular Punjabi jhankar music of Noor Jihan from Pakistan - the sort of sound you'll hear on the W-11 of Karachi and now Melbourne.

your conductor
Monday March 20

Great experience of W-11, this shows the traditional look of pakistani Travelling by a common person

Aamir Yaseen
Friday March 17