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where are we?

One of the common questions that I get asked while handing out cards and encouraging people to soak up the details of Melbourne's new rolling landmark is "Where are we?" (on the route) and I usually answer "I'm not sure" because generally I am floating, spiritually and mentally, inbetween Karachi and Melbourne, W11 and City Circle, and that place is on no Melbourne map...
- Rob

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It was a while ago now that my friend and I rode on that spectacular tram, but the feelings it evoked are still there when I think of it - or when I rave to people about it. What absolutely amazing fun. When one little tram ride can make so many people instantly happy, why on Earth would anyone scrap it. If there is any way it can be kept on in Melbourne, I am sure that there would be lots of us who would do whatever it takes to help. I loved it to bits!!

Sonia Haroutunian
Tuesday April 11

I was in Karachi, wasn't I? or definitely someplace other than Melbourne. I saw so many things in the festival & the Karachi tram was one of the highlights for me, it is something of great beauty & delight, I had a huge smile on my face for the whole route. It would be criminal to scrap it.

Margaret Cotter
Wednesday March 29

I wish there was some way the tram could be a permanent fixture on Melbourne's tracks. It was a truly wonderful way to travel around the city during the festival. Surely, only a city like Melbourne could be so innovative, we should find a way to keep it going!

Helen harman
Tuesday March 28

Paul, and everyone else would LOVE to see the tram continue running after today. I have very bad news. Last night I travelled on this most fantastic vehicle from 8.35 to almost 10pm, when everyone had to reluctantly get off (it's supposed to stop running at nine!) During that time I asked the tramways guy supervising the doors if there was any chance it could be kept on the City Circle route. Not only did he say "No" but added that the tram is to be scrapped! Why? why? why? why? WHY?! Is there anything we can do to make them change their minds? (It's probably too late for that). What a shame they won't keep it running - what harm could it do?

Sue Hayes
Saturday March 25

Oh Gosh...its so cool to see a Karachi bus here!! I come from Karachi, tis just awsome to know that even Pakistan is getting famous in Australia in a positive manner! Can this come to Sydney too?? Or at least stay for at least one year so when I visit Melbourne, I can see it!

Saturday March 25

This is totally fabulous and has put a smile on everyone's face! Will it be extended past March 26 - everyone wants it to be. Please let me know.
Why not make it a City Circle feature for the whole of 2006??

Paul Learmonth
Friday March 24