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A team of Karachi vehicle decorators have transformed a Melbourne tram to bring the experience of a journey on a W-11 Karachi mini-bus to the streets of Melbourne.

Let the Melbourne “W-11” tram take you for a ride with its passionate displays of vibrant dancing colour in hand-cut sticker collage, sparkling reflection of sculpted stainless steel panels and dazzling flashing lights. The tram is complete with conductors from Karachi & Melbourne, the music that you would hear on the Karachi W-11, and a special edition of collectable tickets that feature popular Urdu poetry seen on the side of buses and trucks in Karachi.

In an increasingly homogenising and homogenised world, the W-11 is a claim for the human spirit to not be overlooked. A spirit of generosity and lust for life is transported by the W-11 as it temporarily encircles the city of Melbourne with its sides emblazoned in Urdu and English “ pyar zindagi hai’ / “love is life”, as if to radiate an aura of honour and goodwill outward and onward. The Karachi decorators have built a vehicle reminding us of our simple human capacity to move, and be moved.

Travellers in Karachi, Melbourne and anywhere between can read and contribute stories of how the ride on W-11 moves you by visiting a special interactive blog section of this website in the "passengers talk" section. Click your chosen ticket and lets go!

WHEN: every 50minutes, 10am to 9pm daily on the City Circle route, Wed 15 March to Sunday 26 March

WHERE: The City Circle route Melbourne (Flinders st, Spring st, Latrobe st & Harbour Esplanade)

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