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...the artists have generated an enormous amount of goodwill here in Melbourne… I have a feeling this is going to be one of those ‘must-do’ things… people are going to want to come in and have the experience…everyone, they look, and their eyes get very big, and they stare and then they begin to smile and laugh, and they even start moving in rhythm with the music!
- a passengers comments given to SBS Radio Urdu

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My wife and I had the pleasure of travelling on the W-11 tram on Friday night and cannot recall experiencing a more exciting ride around Melbourne. The colour, the friendly conductors, the music and the energy of the tram and the people was absolutely fantastic.

Such cross-cultural experiences enrich life and bring people together.

I congratulate the entire team of workers who made this possible, and am looking forward to the arrival of the W-11 jet...

Well done.

George Zakis
Tuesday March 28

Oh what incredible fun! It took me right back to my travels in India. Please, please keep it going beyond March 26.

Why not have other trams devoted to other cultures?...a Greek tram, a Chinese tram, a Turkish tram etc. It would be such a great tourist attraction and I for one, would welcome not having to ride on those dumb advertising trams (Volume lashes, give me a break!)

The sense of comraderie, delight and sheer enjoyment from my one ride on the Karachi tram will stay with me for years to come.

Tuesday March 28

The ride is simply a real treat for us Pakistanis! The most enjoyable journey I have had ever since I have arrived in Melbourne. I strongly support the idea of its continuity as an Ambassador of Pakistani culture.

Saadia Ainuddin
Sunday March 26