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dancing tram

dancing tram 29_MG_3045_web.jpg

photos by Karen Trist

dancing tram 27_MG_3050_web.jpg

dancing tram 5_MG_3090_web.jpg

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The W-11 tram is really cool. Iain says he is going to buy the W-11 tram, because he thinks it is so great. Our holidays would have been so boring without the tram. It was so great to have seen the tram being made from the begining to the end and make friends with the decorators, Iqbal, Arshad, Saftar, Nadeem and Wajid. Thankyou.

Lena (12) and Iain (6)
Friday March 31

The tram was one of those liminal spaces that encouraged us to play. I would have to say it was a magical experience being there. I love Karen's images for they capture some of the moments and remind me of an enchanting ride.

Thursday March 30