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breaking down barriers

Aadaab Arz and Salaam!
MahshAllah! The tram is amazing. It really reminds me of the mini buses that run around Rawalpindi, Lahore and the coaches that ply the GT road between Rawalpindi and Pehsawar. Mujhe bahut achcha laga, aur bahut maza aya. Main sub logon ko dawaat karta hun keh iss gari ko dekhna chaheiey, lekin Once you are inside you will feel even better. It is the music that helps.

I wish every tram in Melbourne was like this forever. It breaks down barriers between people making them smile and chat with fellow passengers. It shows something about what life in a non-arab Muslim majority country is like. Not at a all austere!!!. The only details missing were the 9 year old conductors hanging on the back with one hand and taking fares with the other, whilst spruiking for passengers. Also there were no chai or peanut vendors on board, or peanut shells all over the floor and no one was spitting paan juice out the window. There were also no infants vomiting in the row in front of you. One thing I don't miss here is the segregated 'ladies at the front' business that is maintained in much of Pakistan. In India no one cares who you sit next to.

The cards with Urdu verse on them were a nice touch, very Pakistani!
W 11 zindabad! Pyar zindagi hai, be' shak!.
- Taariq M.Hassan

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